Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati

H2B Available Jobs

Number of Workers Requested:  3

Job Duties:  Landscape or maintain grounds of property using hand or power tools or equipment. Lay sod, mow, trim, plant, weeding, watering, dig holes with shovel, rake, blow leaves; spread seed, fertilizer and mulch; sprinkler installation/repair, power wash, pick up trash/clean grounds, installation of mortarless segmental concrete masonry wall units. May drive trucks or other vehicles to/from or at worksites. Maintain equipment to ensure proper functioning. Employer will offer approximately 40 hours per week. Open 7 days a week. Normal shift times: 7:00am-3:00pm, 3:00pm-11:00pm, 11pm-7:00am, double shift 11:00pm-3:00pm. 30-minute, unpaid break per shift and two 15-minute paid breaks per shift. Workdays and shift times may vary with events and occupancy. F.b.9a. Additional conditions about the wage rate to be paid – Employer may increase wage based on experience, changes in market conditions, and/or provide additional pay for performance and tenure. An overtime premium will be paid when required by Federal, State, or local law, including at time-and-a-half after 40 hours per workweek. Generally, when overtime is available it will be paid at $21 per hour based on locality the work is performed and the base rate of pay offered per hour. A single workweek will be used to compute wages due. Pay received weekly.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  No
Special Requirements:  Must obtain valid U.S. drivers license within 30 days of employment. No minimum education required. No minimum experience required. Must be at least 19 years old. Workers are subject to post-employment criminal background checks, paid by employer and applied equally to all workers, U.S. and foreign/H-2B. Workers are subject to post-employment/post-injury or incident drug testing, paid by employer and applied equally to all workers, U.S. and foreign/H-2B. Must be able to work weekends and holidays as required. Applicant must complete an employment application. Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
Number of Hours Per Week:  40
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  7:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati, LLC
Location:  Cincinnati, OH 45202
Telephone Number:  +15132503121



1000 Broadway St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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For H2 Jobs, upload DOL Job Order: job_order-2022-11-22T114018.926.pdf
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