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You must not pay any recruitment fee, any fee to secure the job, or any fee to be recommended to the employer or the agent.  All these types of fees are illegal.

There are some fees that you, as a potential H-2 worker, are responsible for paying.  To travel to the U.S., you need to secure a valid passport and the cost of a passport is at your own expense and does not have to be reimbursed by the employer.

You may incur other costs and fees such as travel to the consulate city, payment of the $190.00 US Government Appointment fee, your accommodations and meals while obtaining your visa, I-94 entry fee, travel and meals to the place of employment.  You may be required to pay these costs and fees on your trip into the U.S. for employment, but those costs must be reimbursed by the employer.  You should obtain and keep receipts for those costs that you pay so that you can present copies of those receipts to your employer upon arrival so that your employer can reimburse you per the regulatory requirements.

  • Both job applicants and employers have rights and responsibilities.
  • Good faith and honesty are required by all parties.
  • Do not apply for a position that requires experience or training that you do not have.
  • Do not apply for a position that you are not physically or mentally capable of fulfilling.
  • Be honest in the completion of your resume, put a full and complete listing of your education, work history, skills, interests and even hobbies.
  • The employer will be providing you with pay and specific benefits and you must be providing labor to accomplish the job described by the employer.
  • The employer will have company policies and protocols that you will be required to follow.
  • The employer will provide you with a job order or work agreement that describes the job you will perform and the wages and benefits the employer will provide.
  • Prior to accepting employment, if you have questions, ask those questions, and make sure that you understand and agree to the answers.
  • After you secure employment and begin work, you need to understand the lines of communication at your employer.  If you have questions, concerns, or issues, clearly define those questions, concerns or issues and ask the employer for answers or resolution.  A vast majority of issues can be resolved simply with communication between you and the employer.
  • If you work in the USA in either H2A or H2B status, you have specific rights.  You should have been provided this information either by the consulate or by the consular services agent who assisted you in your home country when you initially obtained your visa. This information in various formats and languages can be found here

Additional information about your rights as an H2A employee can be found at:

Additional information about your rights as an H2B employee can be found at:

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