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Most people want a full-time year-round position that follows their chosen career paths. 

For others, such as students or the active retired, a temporary seasonal position may be desirable.  Perhaps you are looking for work during your Summer Break or to earn extra monies for the Christmas Holidays.  Perhaps you want to try out a specific industry to get the feel of that job before making a commitment to further education or training.  Perhaps you are looking for a seasonal position so that you can be trained for a full-time position with increased responsibilities, training and benefits.

When there are not sufficient US Workers ready, willing and able to fill available temporary seasonal or peak load positions, after following a strict Federal and State Government regulatory framework, US employers may be allowed to hire seasonal foreign workers to fill positions to augment their US Workforce.  The US Department of Labor must certify that the employer has bona fide positions available, that there are not sufficient US Workers to fill those positions and that the hiring of foreign workers would have no negative impact on similarly employed US Workers wages or working conditions.

The number of agricultural workers allowed each year depends upon the number of positions that are certified by the US Government under their exacting standards.

The number of non-agricultural workers allowed each year is currently capped at only 66,000, less than .0042% of the total US Workforce.  During periods of sustained and vigorous economic growth the US Congress may authorize increases in that number to assist the US Economy.

The H2A and H2B programs provide huge benefits to the United States of America!

Temporary seasonal H2A workers enter the USA to plant, cultivate and harvest various crops during their specific limited season.  This ensures that the US has the most productive and bountiful food supply allowing our nation to not only feed our nation but to export food products around the globe.  At the end of their period in the USA the H2A workers return home to enjoy time with their families, waiting for their next seasonal visa to return.

Temporary seasonal H2B workers enter the USA for a variety of positions, working in the essential food supply chain, including packing and processing seafood,, clearing vegetation around  powerlines  to prevent fires and ensure reliable electricity transmission,  working in landscaping at commercial and residential properties, traveling with carnivals and circuses ensuring the clean and safe operation of mobile entertainment, planting trees in the forests to replenish our natural habitat, and many other positions that require workers for only a portion of each year.

The H2 programs benefit the US economy by ensuring employers can hire labor to fill critical short-term jobs that in turn create employment opportunities for higher skilled year-round positions.  US Workers also benefit from the employment of H2 workers because the employer must provide enhanced pay and benefits to all their workers, US and Foreign, raising wages and working conditions for all.

The H2 programs decrease illegal immigration by providing a legal avenue for employment.  The funds the H2 workers earn (after paying their federal, state and local taxes) and paying for their expenses in the USA are sent to their families at home.  The funds sent home generate increased economic activity in their home country and acts as a magnet for others to stay in their home country to take advantage of that increased economic activity.

We pray that the H2JobBoard is beneficial to all.  If you have comments or suggestions for improvements, please go to our contact page and send us your thoughts.

US or Foreign Worker: the H2JobBoard not only provides you with a comprehensive listing of seasonal job opportunities, but provides you with guidance exercising your legal rights as a US Worker, Foreign Worker in the USA, Foreign Workers outside the USA to find new or subsequent legal employment in the USA.  It also explains your rights and responsibilities and provides guidance.

Seasonal Employer: The H2JobBoard assists you in locating US Workers ready willing and able to accept your job orders as well as new, returning and cap-exempt foreign workers.   It also allows you to research potential “partner” seasonal employers who can provide opportunities for your employees during your off-season so they can be available to transfer back to your company as cap-exempt workers.

Attorney or Agent: the H2JobBoard is a powerful recruitment tool for your employers and allows you to research all options for your employers to fully staff their temporary seasonal needs.  You may be listed on the job board as resource for employers and workers. (Optional)

US or Foreign Recruiter: the H2JobBoard provides you with information about possible job opportunities for the those you are assisting.  You may be listed to be listed on the job board as resource for employers and workers. (Optional)

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