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Landscapes Unlimited, LLC

La Quinta, CA

H2B Available Jobs


Job Begin date: 7/15/2024    Job End date: 9/15/2024

Number of Workers Requested:  20
Job Duties:  Performs various golf course renovation tasks including prepping for and building of greens, tees, and bunkers; prepares irrigation system components, glues/fuses connections and tie-ins; installs irrigation lines, wire, and heads; digs holes and trenches, utilizing hand tools to install drainage and tie-ins; spreads and lays materials such as grass seed, sod, greens mix, gravel, and sand; operates mechanized equipment to move and install materials. The purpose of the trench, if needed, will be to install golf course irrigation components, like drainage, lateral piping to sprinklers and mainline supply piping that connects to the lateral piping. The employees will use an 85 horsepower trencher for mainline pipes (6 in. through 10 in.), an 85 horsepower vibratory plow for lateral piping (2 in. through 3 in.) to install sprinkler heads, and hand shovels and other hand tools to level ditch lines and create space for irrigation hardware, as needed. The trenches, if needed, will reach an expected depth of 26 in. to 44 in. and an expected width of 8 in. to 18 in. at their largest points. Optional company housing will be provided free of charge for employees outside of commuting distance. Employees who do not require or use company housing will receive a housing reimbursement of $231.00 per pay period.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  6
Special Requirements:  6 months experience with basic knowledge of golf course layout; understanding of golf course irrigation systems including ability to install/repair key components; knowledge of golf course building materials and golf course construction tasks including building/repair of greens, tees, and bunkers. Three to six months experience operating any one of the following: tractor, skid loader, plows/trencher. OT as needed. We want to clarify the information on Item F.a.5. During the work week, which runs Sunday through Saturday, employees are scheduled to work a 40 hour work week and given OT as needed. F.a.5 does not allow us to enter such a work schedule. If we enter 8 hours each day, it would show 56 hours a week, which is not an accurate reflection of their work schedule.
Number of Hours Per Week:  40
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  6:00 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Landscapes Unlimited, LLC
Location:  Lincoln, NE 68512
Telephone Number:  +14024236653


Address:  79301 Cascadas Circle, La Quinta, CA 92253

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