Crown Orchard Company LLC
Covesville, VA

The farmworker position includes duties associated with the planting, transplanting, cultivation, harvesting, grading, loading and unloading of fresh produce such as apples, peaches, nectarines, grapes, and cherries; the pruning, thinning, fertilizing and upkeep of trees and vines; general field and crop care; farm vehicle operation and farm/field maintenance and sanitation and post-harvest cleanup. This work can require standing, walking, stooping, bending, and lifting up to 75 pounds for long periods of time outdoors in all weather conditions. It also includes making important decisions based on size, coloring, and ripeness according to prescribed standards. This work requires adherence to important food safety and quality standard operating procedures and the ability to work quickly and consistently alongside fellow workers with a positive, professional, team-based attitude and a consideration for the safety and health of fellow workers and of the consumers who will purchase and consume the fresh produce grown, harvested, packed, and shipped from the farm. Job Specifications Crop and Field Maintenance: Workers may be required to help with water runoff and trenching; assist in planting, transplanting, and crop cultivation; use backpack sprayers to maintain crop beds and fertilize; help with post-harvest cleanup; perform erosion control measures; perform pest control measures; pick up roots, rocks, limbs, and cuttings. Instruction will be given for each task and standards of performance communicated to workers. Workers will be expected to perform duties associated with irrigation. Farm Vehicle & Equipment Operation: Workers may be required to operate farm vehicles and equipment such as trucks, vans, tractors, and sprayers. Workers will be instructed in the safety and operation of the vehicle/equipment before operating. For example, workers may drive a truck or tractor in the field to aid in harvesting, drive to and from the field to the packing shed, or drive to and from the housing unit to the work site or store. All vehicles should be driven in a manner to protect workers, harvested produce, in-field crops, and equipment. Produce Harvesting: Workers will be assigned a row or series of rows and required to select and pick produce according to criteria outlined and demonstrated by managers such as size, coloring, and ripeness. They will be responsible for in-field grading and discarding of poor quality, rotting, and/or over-ripened produce. Workers will gently load the good quality produce into containers, taking care to avoid damage or bruising. Orchard Clean up: Workers will be responsible for general orchard clean up. They will rake up debris from the land such as sticks, straw, rocks, etc. They will be responsible for the removal of old and unproductive trees/vines. They must take care to not damage or destroy other trees or property in the area. Workers involved in orchard maintenance may be required to lay irrigation pipe, repair and maintain drip system, and strap and tie trees and or vines. Weeding may be done by hand with hoes or machetes. Farm, Field, and Shed Sanitation: Workers may be responsible for picking up trash, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning equipment and other similar farm sanitation.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  3
Special Requirements:  NONE
Number of Hours Per Week:  40
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  7:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Crown Orchard Company LLC
Location:  CovesvilleVA 22931
Telephone Number:  +14349770619


Address:  5861 Piedmont Apple Lane
        Covesville, VA 22931
For H2 Jobs, upload DOL Job Order: job_order-184.pdf
Job Overview
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