Boguey Concessions LLC

Thermal, CA

H2B Available Job

Number of Workers Requested:  50
Perform variety of attending duties at traveling carnival. Set up, tear-down, operate game concessions. The OFLC ETA requested detail on specific portions of these job duties. Game Concessions: Mobile game concessions are typically mounted in a trailer. A supervisor would position the trailer(s) at a specific location on the grounds, unhitch the power unit from the trailer, & move the power unit away from the game concessions trailer. The awning that is closed during transit would be opened. Gaming items (air guns, water guns, darts, etc., as appropriate for the game) would be positioned. Plush toys and/or game appropriate prizes would be positioned / displayed. Signage, illumination, seating (if any), railings (if any), fencing (if any) would be positioned. Teardown would simply be these duties being handled in the reverse order & items being stored & secured for transit to the next location

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  No
Special Requirements:  Post-employment random drug testing & background checks may be required, at no cost to the worker. The job requires the applicant to be qualified, ready, willing, able, & available to perform during the entire employment at the designated worksite; to enter into & comply with employment contract; to follow workplace rules.
Number of Hours Per Week:  40
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  1:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Boguey Concessions LLC
Location:  Thermal, CA 92274
Telephone Number:  +17079742365

Worksite Address:

54905 Shady Lane, Thermal, CA 92274

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Job Overview
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