Clay D. Palfreyman Trucking, Inc.

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Clay D. Palfreyman Trucking, Inc.

Springville , UT

Open Range Production Of Livestock (Lambing)

TRUE DATES OF NEED: February 1 – May 31. Beginning on February 1 the season begins with the preparation of lambing pens in the lambing shed. Each year the pens need to be repaired, cleaned and prepared for the lambing season. Before lambing begins, the ewes need to be sheared and moved to areas near the lambing sheds. This season is a critical phase in the production cycle of livestock. Livestock feeding and management are essential to the success of the season.

Lambing begins on March 1 and end on or around May 30th. During that time the worker will assist with the birthing of approximately 2300 animals. The worker must be able to demonstrate knowledge of sheep, and experience with animal nutrition and parturition along with the ability to monitor livestock to determine readiness to give birth. Assisting livestock with delivery, maintaining a clean environment.

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