About the Company

Boise Sod Company

High Desert Turf was founded in 1995 with a vision of providing the highest quality turf grass and sod products to landscapers and homeowners. Since our early days as a small farm, we have grown considerably, and now provide a greener life for people all over the Western United States.

Our president, Darwin McKay, started his first turf farm with a small amount of acreage and some used equipment. He has since gone on to serve as president of the Turf Producers International, teach horticulture to students and Master Gardeners, and assist in the development and research of several types of new, revolutionary turf types. Many in the area have heard Darwin on local radio talk shows, offering advice on how to properly care for your lawn.

High Desert Turf, and its affiliate The Turf Company, serve a seven state area in the western United States.

As president of High Desert Turf, he is testament of our commitment to a greener world.

Company Overview
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