About the Company

Washington Springs Ag

Cherry Valley, AR

Farm Labor

December: follow vaccination programs, getting cows and sheep started on feed, hauling hay for feed weekly, repairing fences and waterers as needed, general farm maintenance on machinery, all terrain vehicles, fences, corrals, feeding and watering structures; January-March: Lambing, calving, and feeding all cows, sheep, lambs and calves, monitoring calf and lamb health daily, number animals, administer medicine as needed; April-August: planting hay crops for feeding cattle and sheep, operate haying equipment for swathing, raking, baling hay and silage; sorting calves and lambs by weight into various pens for grazing, wean, sort yearling calves and lambs for sale, preparing cows and sheep for breeding season; driving farm pickup; minor daily and incidental upkeep to equipment and worksite.

 Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, and Aquacultural Animals

Company Overview
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