About the Company


Dba Utah Onions, Inc.

Syracuse, UT

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We are a family run business with an extensive reach across North America. We know our product and believe in its goodness. We strive to assure our customers they’ll always have a reliable supply of quality onions 52 weeks a year, no excuses, just onions. We do onions. We grow high quality, yellow, red, white, sweet, and organic onions. That’s our focus and our passion. We provide onions year-round. Fifty-two weeks a year our trucks are rolling. We pride ourselves in quality, consistency, and ease. While you find companies that provide thousands of goods all the time, we like to focus on one thing and do it the very best, so Onions 52 is just that, onions, fifty-two weeks a year! To be absolutely synonymous with onions in terms of quality, consistency, reliability and ease worldwide. We strive to do our best in service and provide our best in quality and variety so that when you think onions, you will think Onions 52.

Company Overview
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