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United States Sugar Corporation

Moore Haven, FL

JOBS: Heavy and Tractor-trailer Truck Drivers

The sugarcane loading and transport work under this job order will be performed in connection with the sugarcane farming operations of the United Sugar Corporation (U.S. Sugar or the farmer) on land U.S. Sugar owns or leases as part of the harvesting operations of its farm that require gathering the sugarcane as soon as possible after it has been cut, loading it onto trailers, and transporting it to concentration points on farm property at which locations the sugarcane is then loaded onto the farms railcars as further described below and permitted as described in 29 C.F.R 780.118(a) as part of the harvest work on the farm. All of the work will be performed as an incident to and in conjunction with the farming operations of U.S. Sugar. The transport work involves loading and moving sugarcane grown by U.S. Sugar from one part of U.S. Sugars vast farm of approximately 220,000 acres to concentration points in other parts of its farm. Because of the thousands of acres that comprise the U.S. Sugar farm, a part of the transport work occurs on public as well as on private U.S. Sugar farm roads and within the sugarcane fields themselves on the U.S. Sugar farm. U.S. Sugar maintains some 1,250 miles of established private farm roads within its farm. The agricultural truck drivers essential work activity involves collection and loading of the highly perishable sugarcane crop in the U.S. Sugar growing fields after the sugarcane has been mechanically cutthat is after the cane stalks have been severed from their roots where it is grown, by loading the sugarcane stalks into harvest trucks and transportation by the truck operators working within this job description of the sugarcane from the farmers growing field to a location within the same field or to another close-by location on U.S. Sugars land that is a concentration point where the farmer has a rail line elevated loading station. Once arriving at the closest available concentration point, the driver must see to the safe loading of the sugarcane into a railcar. U.S. Sugar maintains its own farm rail line and locomotives that transport its sugarcane to the U.S. Sugar mill. As shown on the attached maps showing the locations of its fields and the elevated railcar loading ramps within its fields, U.S. Sugar has multiple elevator rail loading stations on its property that serve as concentration points. No sugarcane is transported to the mill by truck under this job order. The agricultural truck driver is required to complete each step of the transportation process from the in-field loading station through the off-loading onto rail cars at the farms closest available concentration point as directed by a designated representative of the harvest superintendent, as part of necessary field-to-processing facility activities for the sugarcane crop harvest. More Information about Job Duties: Before moving his or her assigned truck and attached cane transport trailer from their parked location on the farm, the agricultural truck driver will complete a pre-trip inspection of the truck and cane-transport trailer, including adding engine fluid, changing the oil, checking brakes and tires, and ensuring the truck, trailer and all equipment are fit for service. A van or bus will be provided by the company at no cost to transport the agricultural truck drivers from their housing to the site of the trucks and return. Any agricultural truck driver who drives the van or bus to and from the work site will be compensated at the hourly rate for all driving time. Once the raw sugarcane crop is cut—meaning the sugarcane stalks are severed from their roots by a self-powered mechanical harvesting machine, the sugarcane is mechanically deposited into a field cart that is moved by tractor to a location within-the-growing field, for loading onto truck trailers.

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