About the Company


Torrey Farms, Inc.

Elba, NY

H-2A Employer

Torrey Farms Inc. is a family owned farm located in Elba, NY. The family originated in England but moved to the United States in 1626. The Torrey family has been farming in Genesee County since 1803 and Elbert Torrey purchased the headquarters of the farm in Elba in 1948. Elbert ran the farm with his son Charles until the 70’s, when the grandchildren joined in the family business.

Torrey family farms over 13,000 acres and operates packing sheds year round for their cabbage, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, pumpkins, potatoes, green beans, and onions. They stress sound environmental practices through their use of integrated pest management techniques and consistent soil sampling for proper soil nutrition management. Their tractors use GPS technology to track exactly how much fertilizer to put down in a field where different sections of land can have different nutrient needs.

Company Overview
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