Schafer Farm Leasing, LLC

About the Company

Schafer Farm Leasing, LLC

Pana, IL

JOB:  Agricultural Equipment Operator

Employees will be required to mow hay, rake hay, bale hay, stack hay (by hand and tractor), move bales, mow pastures and road ditches, weed eat fences and around buildings, clean shop, drive GPS tractors with field cultivators, drive GPS tractor with chisel plow, drive seed tender wagon, operate sprayer on corn & soybean fields, bring chemical for spraying to field, run tractor with auger cart, able to operate combine, drive truck with corn head & platform, fill planter, able to operate planter, basic daily equipment maintenance, drive fuel wagon, fuel tractors (combines & and other farm equipment). Check pastures fences and fix if broken. Haul manure, pitch manure by hand and with loader tractor, bed barns with straw/wood chips by hand and tractor. Assist in calving barn during calving season with pulling calves and nursing calves, check calves for scours and treat sick calves with pills or shots. Assist with cattle vaccinations and care during the calving season when cattle are confined and not in pastures. Employer may pay performance based incentive bonuses and/or pay increases for longevity and experience.


Company Overview
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