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JOBS:  Agricultural Field Worker (wine Grapes)

Agricultural Field Worker (Wine Grapes) For each activity described below: Non-harvest vineyard work takes place approximately from January 11, 2021 through November 11, 2021. Hand harvest work begins approximately from August 15, 2021 through November 8, 2021. Description of specific work duties: Vineyard Work – Pruning by hand removal of unwanted wood from vine. – Suckering by hand removal of any extra unwanted shoots on cordons/canes, trunks, removal of any short canes and shoots from the cordon/cane – Erosion control by hand install fiber roll, straw mulch, silt fence, water bars – Replant grapevines by hand in existing vineyards – Training young vines by hand to stake and onto the fruit wire – Canopy management by hand moving wires to position shoots within the trellis system to maintain a vertical growing grapevine – Leafing and lateral removal by hand removing leaves from the fruit zone during the growing season; removing lateral growth from the canes within the fruit zone and growing canopy – Installation and repair of trellis by hand, wires, stakes, hoses and drip emitters in existing vineyards and new developing. – Pest Control by hand (growth tubes, milk cartons, netting) install growth tubes and or cartons around young vines to protect plants from feeding animals and to promote good vine growth; install bird netting over the vineyards fruit zone to protect fruit from feeding birds – Weed control by hand using mechanical string trimmer for weed abatement and or a shovel (long-handled) to cut weeds from under the vines and for weed control around slopes of vineyards and along adjacent roads – Crop thinning by hand removal of clusters during specific times of year to enhance fruit quality – Harvesting grapes by hand (approximately August 15, 2021 through November 8, 2021) All hand-related harvesting will be in accordance with California law. Driving Only drivers who possess valid drivers licenses pursuant to California law will participate in driving.

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