About the Company

Linn Family Farms, LLC

Arkansas City, AR

JOBS:  Farmworkers

Plant, cultivate and harvest soybeans. Operate tractors, farm vehicles and agricultural equpiment to plow, harrow and fertilize soil, plant, cultivate, harvest, haul, load, and unload crops. Till soil and weed crops. Load and unload harvested products. Workers will unload and load seed and crops into trucks. Operate, clean, repair and maintain farm vehicles and equipment. Clean equipment using a steam cleaner or high pressure water hose. Load seed wagons and planters. Use hand tools such as shovels, hoes and knives. Participate in irrigation activities, including setting up and operating irrigation equipment. Clear and maintain irrigation ditches. Walk fields to check on and maintain adequate water supply to crops. Apply herbicides to crops. Repair fences and farm buildings and maintain turnrows. Perform general farm maintenance including weed and grass control. Workers who have a valid driver’s license and doctor’s certificate may drive transportation vehicles to transport workers and may be offered additional hours. Field prep. Allergies to ragweed, goldenrod, honeybees, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or related chemicals may affect a workers ability to perform the job. Workers should be able to do the work required with or without reasonable accommodations.

Company Overview
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