About the Company

Las Princesas Corporation

Washington , NC

H2A Available Jobs

Tobacco: Workers will start in a row with the first tobacco plant cutting off the top flower by hand properly without damaging valuable leaf’s below. The worker must then use both hands in order to remove all the suckers that are in between the tobacco leaf and the stem of the tobacco plant. The worker will walk down his designated row working on every tobacco plant taking no more than 4 to 5 seconds. When this is finished the workers will again walk down the tobacco field on his designated row pulling off the bottom 3 to 5 ripe leaf’s off of every stock. If the leaf is not ripe you must leave it alone. The worker must stay down moving forward placing each leaf on his side until the worker has no more room and must walk over to unload his bundle of tobacco leaf’s into the tobacco trailer. Any leaf’s dropped by the worker must be picked up. The tobacco tractor and trailer will always be in the middle of the group moving forward. The worker must due this process 3 to 4 different period of times as leaf’s ripen on every stock. Employees may volunteer to work additional hours when work is available.

Company Overview
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