About the Company

Juicys LLC

Longboat Key, FL

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From a mere one person corn dog stand in 1984, Juicys™ has grown to be the leader in outdoor dining and special event food concessions. Originally, founded as Brett’s Blue Ribbon Foods, Juicys™ and the Juicys™ management team has enjoyed serving customers around the United States. Hard work coupled with a commitment to great service proved to be a successful formula, for which Juicys™ was voted the youngest independent concessionaire in the Western United States and was profiled in Amusement Business magazine. Since then, Juicys™ marketplace presence continues to grow by increasing the size of the Juicys™ fleet and attending more and more events throughout the year. That means more food at major fairs and festivals. From the Houston Rodeo to the Los Angeles County Fair, Juicys™ has become a household name at these events. Juicys™ has also been a known leader by designing and building customized food concession vehicles. In 2006 earned an industry award for the Most Impressive trailer to date. In 2008, Juicys™ stepped up again and built the Outlaw Grill, which is now the world’s largest mobile grill trailer. Juicys™ continues to widen its menu items to compliment Juicys™ famous Kawabunga Corn Dog, Turkey Legs and Giant Western Sausage, by adding Juicys™ Funnel Cake Sundae. Juicys™ is just getting started to make Outdoor Dining an Event. Not bad for a company which started as a one person corn dog stand.

Company Overview
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