About the Company

Our story begins in 1965 on a frigid January day in Petersburg, Alaska. That’s when the town pooled its resources to create Petersburg Fisheries, Inc.—and saved the cannery that had been the heart of the town’s economy since the turn of the 20th century.

Today we have become one of the largest and most diversified seafood companies in North America, with facilities throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Throughout our history, we have continually looked for new ways to improve our products and operations. Our drive to excel has led us to develop ideas that were new to the Alaska seafood industry some 50 years ago—ideas such as year-round processing facilities and floating processing vessels. These innovative approaches have enabled us to provide stable jobs to our employees, be near fishermen in remote coastal fishing locations to process the catch within hours of harvest, and deliver a variety of seafood products throughout the year to our customers.

Company Overview
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