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H & S Fresh Pak


A new Red River Valley potato packing company, H&S Fresh Pack, has been created in a partnership between grower-packer-shippers J.G. Hall & Sons, and O.C. Schulz & Sons Inc.

David Moquist of O.C. Schultz, based in Crystal, ND, said the two companies, which are equal partners, plan to primarily pack their own potatoes as H&S Fresh Pack. But some other shippers, such as NoKota Packers will also handle some of the volume.

Dave Moquist and his son Andrew Moquist at O.C. Schulz in Crystal, ND.

“This year we planted a few extra acres,” said Schultz, to expand into H&S opportunities, Schultz said.

Initially the Halls were approached to buy the H&S facility. They then invited Moquist to become a partner.

“I’d say the younger generation was more interested in this than the older generation, so we went ahead with the deal,” Moquist said.

Located in Hoople, ND, the H&S facility “has quite a history,” having had multiple owners and operating names, Moquist said. The plant was first built to run russet potatoes. But the wash plant is updated and well-prepared for red and yellow potatoes, he added.

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