About the Company

E.J.Y. Corporation

Okeechobee, FL

Workers will perform assign duties as instructed by their supervisor. Cabbage: The cabbage Cutters will line up in designated cabbage rows. Workers will bend over each cabbage to cut. After cutting the cabbage, workers will inspect and trim. Workers will then put the cabbage in a bag and put the bag on a stainless steel table that will be continually pushed behind the cutters as they proceed on their rows. Workers should be able to keep up with the machine. Kale: Workers will unload packing supplies from equipment. Workers will hand harvest. Pick multiple rows at a time and don’t change rows until they get to the other end of the field. Worker will be required to selectively pick only leaves of a certain grade, color and/or size as instructed by the supervisor and discard leaves that do not meet grade standards. Workers will remove any weeds manually by hand that may be in the bunch before continuing. Worker cuts greens with a knife or may break the leaves off by hand according to size, color, shape and degree of maturity. Worker makes uniform bunches, secures bunch together with rubber band or twist ties according to order specifications, places bunches of greens into a container.

Job Classification:  Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop

Company Overview
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