Daniels Fisheries, Inc.

About the Company

Daniels Fisheries, Inc.

Marathon, FL

Daniels Fisheries, Inc. is an active Floridian business entity incorporated 11th March 1998 ( 23 years).

Fishing for lobsters and/or crabs, using traps/pots made of wood, plastic, and/or other synthetic materials. At the beginning of the season, will load straps and bait into vessel; tie market float to line, attach line to trap; fasten bait inside trap, and lower trap into water using hydraulic winch, once loading trap onboard the vessel, deckhand #1 slides lobster from trap and places it on a conveyor to deckhand #2 who pressure-washes trap using a water hose and removes traps lid. Deckhand #2 takes out legal-size lobster from trap and places it on live well or container. Deckhand #2 also breaks-off only legal-size claws from crab. Will toss illegal and undersized lobster overboard.

Job Classification: Fishers and Related Fishing Workers

Company Overview
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