Crochet: Jordan Wayne Crochet

About the Company

Jordan Wayne Crochet

Jennings, LA

Farmworkers & Labor, Crop

Farm worker needed for crawfish season followed by rice season. Seasonal need begins with crawfish season in mid-January and continues into rice planting and harvesting in fall. Crawfish season extends from mid Janaury until early summer. Rice is planted in or around March. Harvesting of rice occurs during late summer and fall. Duties: manually cutting fish bait; baiting and checking traps; grading and washing crawfish for shipment; making and repairing traps as needed; tractor driving; field preparation*; water maintenance; fertilizing, planting, and harvesting crops; repairing and maintaining equipment, fields, levees, roads, and shops; operating crawfish boat. * Field preparation includes manual shovel work and hoeing weeds, spot spraying treatments, and extensive walking;

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