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At Creative Image, we care about more than just your landscaping and maintenance needs. We realize the value of giving back, and understand that there are many companies who could cut your grass or install your new landscaping, but we strive to be more. This means excellence in our services, but also, a high standard when it comes to integrity and character. Creative Image fosters the idea that employees need to not only be good workers, but good people as well.

So often, failing to deliver quality is simply due to failure to communicate properly. We have a system that allows us to manage the communication properly anytime there is an “issue” on one of our properties. Our Account Managers can take pictures of issues and load them into our system electronically from the field. At this time, the Operation Manager assigned to the property receives an email, alerting them an “issue” has been noticed on one of their properties and can be viewed in our system. The OM can then choose to handle the issue himself or assign it to the crew that will be on the property that week. Once the Crew Leader electronically clocks into the property they will automatically receive the “issue” on their smart phone, seeing pictures and a description of the “issue”. Once the Crew Leader has corrected the “issue” they can take a completed photo and mark the “issue” complete in the system. This automatically updates all parties originally assigned to this “issue”. This completes the circle and allows the Account Manager to have an instant follow up, that so often gets missed by other companies.

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