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Castellanos Corp.

Brownsville, TX

Job Classification: Fishers and Related Fishing Workers

Job requires worker to prepare trawler for fishing activities; put nets into water and retrieve them; sort and head shrimp catch; return undesirable and illegal catch to sea; place shrimp on baskets, rinse, dip in preservatives; assist rigger to ice down shrimp in boat’s hold, get nets back into water to resume trawling, and retrieve them again; offload catch, mop deck, assist captain and rigger as required. Worker must have no less than one continuous month of experience as shrimp boat deckhand/header on a commercial, ocean-going shrimp trawler. Usual work period is from 11:00 pm (night) to 7:00 am (morning) except immediately following the opening of Texas waters on/around July 15th and short periods where there may be an abundance of catch. Working conditions may include excessive heat and/or cold, rainy days and cold weather on deck, confined spaces, sleep deprivation, and fatigue. Worker is required to carry and repetitively lift an average of 75 pounds of headed shrimp to/from boats hold. Work will be performed at sea for up to 60 days or more days aboard commercial shrimp trawlers in the Gulf of Mexico’s Exclusive Zone (EEZ), depending on the amount of catch and/or expansion of fishing grounds.

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