Carolina Farms and Harvesting, Inc.

About the Company

Carolina Farms and Harvesting, Inc.

Johnston, SC

Job Classification: Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop

The farm work position includes duties associated with the pruning, thinning, picking, spraying and packing of peaches. This work can require standing, walking, stooping, bending, and lifting up to 50 pounds for long periods of time outdoors in all weather conditions. It also includes making important decisions based on size, coloring, and ripeness according to prescribed standards. This work requires adherence to important food safety and quality standard operating procedures and the ability to work quickly and consistently alongside fellow workers with a positive, professional, team-based attitude and a consideration for the safety and health of fellow workers and of the consumers who will purchase and consume the fresh produce grown, harvested, packed, and shipped from the farm.

Company Overview
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