About the Company

Butler Amusements, Inc.

Beaverton, OR

H2B Available Job

Butler Amusements, Inc. is proud to be a family owned and operated carnival. George “Bud” Butler founded Butler Amusements in 1970 along with his wife Evelyn and son Earl “Butch” Butler. After moving to California from Austin. Minnesota and selling the family grocery store to fund the purchase of their first carnival ride (a Tilt-A-Whirl!), he was soon joined by the rest of his family. Through their hard work and dedication to running the “Cleanest Show in the West,” the company continued to grow and is now the largest, safest, most award winning carnival operation in the Western United States. Butler Amusements continues Bud & Butch’s legacy as a family owned business today, which is now operated with active leadership and involvement from the fourth generation of Butlers.

Company Overview
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