Brock and Phillip Obendorf Farms, LLC

About the Company

Brock and Phillip Obendorf Farms, LLC

Parma, ID

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Obendorf Farms is a third-generation farming operation located in Parma, Idaho. The
Obendorf family first began farming when Ray Obendorf, 97 years old, planted his first onion
field as a sophomore in high school. The first field ever planted by Obendorf consisted of half an
acre, which grew to be much more than he ever imagined. By 1948, Ray Obendorf began
growing hops, which is now the largest component of the operation.
Throughout the early 1980s, Ray began to transition the farm over to his son, Greg
Obendorf. This tradition of passing the family business down each generation continues in the
Obendorf family. In 2008 Greg passed the farm down to his two sons, Brock and Phil Obendorf.
After Greg retired, the brothers decided to establish a new LLC, Brock and Phillip Obendorf
Farms, LLC. Generation after generation, the farm has continued to expand and today is much
more than just the half-acre of onions that started it all.
The Obendorf’s farming operation now expands across a multitude of crops.

Company Overview
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