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Carl Hjalmar Asplundh left his native Sweden in 1882 and came to work as an accountant in Philadelphia. Here he met Emma Steiger, who had recently emigrated from Switzerland, and after getting married, they settled in nearby Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania to raise a family. In 1903, Carl died suddenly, leaving Emma with a family of eight children to raise. The youngest son was also named Carl Hjalmar and 25 years later, he would join with his brothers Griffith and Lester to form the Asplundh Tree Expert Co.

But the family’s connection to trees began long before that. In fact, the name Asplundh refers to “grove of aspen trees” in Swedish. To help support his widowed mother and siblings, the second oldest son, Oswald, took up work as a gardener and later founded a landscaping and tree surgery business. It was here that the three younger brothers earned money for their college educations by pruning trees under the guidance of Oswald.

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