AG&P Americas Inc.

Ingleside, TX

H2B Available Job

Number of Workers Requested:  100
Lay out, weld, fabricate, assemble and install metal components to assemble structural steel that support pipe racks, process pipe, plates, beams and braces for onshore and offshores structures such as production platforms. Utilize knowledge of welding techniques, metallurgy, and engineering requirements. Lay out, position and secure parts and assemblies according to specifications, using straightedge, combination square, calipers and ruler. Tack-weld or weld component and assemblies using electric, gas, arc or other welding equipment. Cut workpiece, using powered saws, hand shears or chipping knife. Melt lead bar, wire or scrap to add lead to joint or extrude melted scrap into reusable form. Observe tests on welder surfaces, such as hydrostatic, x-ray, and dimension tolerance to evaluate weld quality and conformance to specifications. Weld components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions. Heat, form and dress metal parts, using hand tools, torch or arc welding equipment. F.a.5a-F.a.6b: 35-50 hours/week, 0-10 OT hours/week, OT varies (OT must be pre-approved); 8-hour shifts; 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, shifts vary; 5-6 days/week (Monday-Friday, schedule varies and may include evenings and weekends; business is open 7 days/week) F.b.9a: Workers will be paid no less than $26.43 per hour. Employer may pay higher wage rates to workers based on seniority with employer and level of skill. Overtime hours may vary and will be paid no less than $39.65 per hour. F.b.9a: Depending on work conditions, the employer may offer workers performing tasks during certain points within the construction schedule an opportunity to earn an incentive bonus over and above the guaranteed rate of pay set forth above. If offered, such incentive bonuses will be based on the quantity and quality of work performed and offered to all workers working on the activity(ies) and during the time period(s) when such incentive bonuses are offered. If an incentive bonus is offered, the fact that the bonus is to be offered and the manner in which the bonus will be determined, will be explained to all affected workers before the start of any work period or activity subject to such a bonus. Incentive bonuses are offered at the sole discretion of the employer, and no bonus or opportunity to earn a bonus is promised or guaranteed. F.c.1: Employees will perform job duties at the following worksites: 2240 Kiewit Road, Ingleside, TX 78362; 1982 FM 2725, Aransas Pass, TX 78336; and 218 44th Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78405. F.d.1: Employer will provide daily transportation from centralized housing locations to and from worksite.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  No
Special Requirements:  High School diploma / GED or foreign equivalent. On-the-job training will be provided. Must be able to: Read and derive measurements, dimensions, and quantity of material needed to fabricate steel support structures. Perform SMAW/Stik, SAW (Submerged arc welding), and FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding). Interpret engineering drawings to lay out and assemble metal parts to technical specifications. Structurally fit pipes, beams, decks and plates for offshore drilling jackets, decks, pipe racks and other structures. Assemble structures to design tolerance levels. Weld flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead. Read structural drawings, weld symbols, bills of material, etc. Set-up and operation of oxyacetylene cutting equipment. Work Environment: Normal work environment will be shop or field requiring exposure to outdoor weather conditions, loud noise, working near mechanical moving parts, electrical energy, fabrication equipment, chemicals and airborne particles. Communication Skills: Possess ability to effectively communicate verbal directions in English from craft supervisors and respond to questions from supervisor and fellow workers. Technical Skills: Must be able to submit and pass a burning and blueprint reading test, perform structural layouts and pass as required project/client weld test. Physical Demands: May be required to lift and/or carry up to 50 pounds of materials, supplies or equipment. May have to work at heights more than 200 feet off the ground and wear full body harness and other required PPE.
Number of Hours Per Week:  35
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  7:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  AG&P Americas Inc.
Location:  Spring, TX 77381
Telephone Number:  +17139552933

Worksite Address:

2240 Kiewit Road, Ingleside, TX 78362

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