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19 Raw Oyster and 19 Raw Prime

Edgartown, MA

H2B Available Job

Number of Workers Requested:  4

Full Time:  Yes
Station Set Up Dish Rooms/Outlets • Set up for service using partial racks first, check chemicals in dish machine, glass machine, Pulper and stacking belt. Set up dish room area with the proper solution for presoaking silverware. • Turn on glass machine along with booster heater, if applicable. • Turn on Pulper unit, ensure it is working properly, if applicable. • Essential job function is to keep entire area neat and orderly and complete all ware washing procedures in this area. • Maintain cleanliness of entire dish room, sweep and mop area when needed. • Dish machine cleanliness must be maintained, change water in dish machine every two hours or when needed during shift. De-lime dish machine at least twice a week. • Keep all clean glasses neat and always organized in dish room. Ensure racks are stored according to labels. Keep all empty glass racks organized and stored correctly. Operations During Daily Service • Scrap all dishes to maintain the dish machine can clean thoroughly. Load dish machine so he plates/china can be processed without breakage or damage. • Dish and other items should be checked for cleanliness as they are finished going thru the dish machine before placing back into service. • Glasses are to be prewashed if soiled prior to putting into racks for washing. • Glass Racks are to be stacked according to alike glasses. • Working at a safe speed will produce best results. Operations During Breakdown of Service • All China, glass, and black trays must be cleaned and removed from dish room at the conclusion of the shift leaving 1 partial rack if available to start the next shift. • Clean all shelves on the back line organize chemicals and make sure they are in boxes. • Drain and clean glass machine, replace all internal parts in the correct order, be sure to clean the back rollers and underneath. Make sure to turn off the booster heater. • Clean dish machine thoroughly, you may use the auto-clean cycle. Remove all screens from the machine, clean each piece thoroughly. Spray inside of machine to remove any debris. Wipe down and polish outside of machine with stainless steel cleaner. Reassemble the machine when all is clean. • Clean under front line and front scrapping line using a mild Dawn dish detergent solution. • Initiate auto-clean cycle on Pulper, after it has finished clean tub out along with top rim, spray auger tube as well. Check sanitizer level. Be sure to turn the break switch to the off position when applicable. • Spot-check and clean all walls in dish room area. • Thoroughly clean floors in dish room area using deck scrubbers to remove any residue. • Flush all sinks and floor drains with 1 quart of sanitizer solution. • No dirty equipment is to be left for the next shift, all glasses, China, and flatware is to be clean and stored properly prior to departing work area. Ongoing Cleaning • Picking up things in the floor even if you didn’t drop them. • Wiping spills immediately. • All ice and water are picked up and mopped dry immediately. • Throwing away trash in appropriate containers. • Consistently cleaning and sanitizing the work area. • Immediately, ensure all leaks are reported to the Supervisor or appropriate person. • Items that could drip are never carried through the kitchen or dining room; either wipe dry, carry on a tray, in a bucket, or other container.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  3
Special Requirements:  Three (3) months prior kitchen work/dishwashing experience at a resort, hotel, private club or other hospitality employer
Number of Hours Per Week:  35
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Trade Name/Doing Business As:  19 Raw Oyster Bar and 19 Raw Prime
Company Name:  19 RAW OYSTER BAR
Location:  EDGARTOWN, MA 02539
Telephone Number:  +17742240550

Worksite Address:


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