Vermillion Ranch Limited Partnership

Rock Springs, WY

Performs any combination of the following seasonal duties primarily involved in the range production of commercial livestock to assist the employer and employer-designated representative. Primary responsibilities are: attend to cow-calf pairs principally on vast rugged spring, summer & fall ranges using horses and trained dogs to keep range cattle in designated grazing areas in accordance with federal and state grazing permits; assist with monitoring/maintenance of water sources, water tanks, pipelines and reservoirs to ensure the health and well-being of the cow-calf pairs and to facilitate the movement of range cattle to adhere to grazing plans; assist with calving; may help with supplemental feeding of range livestock using trucks, tractors and related trailers on the range; protect and care for cow-calf pairs; may assist with branding, ear notching, dehorning, castrating, vaccinating livestock; report observations of livestock to employer, including employer-designated representatives, concerning health and injuries and help with administration of medications; assist with gathering, sorting, weaning and shipment of range livestock; assist with movement of cow-calf pairs through chutes/corrals & onto scales during sorting, shipping, and weaning processes; care for horses including shoeing horses; may assist with care of small herds of sheep/goats; maintain/construct fences/corrals (metal & wood) using related equipment. Assist with the growth, maintenance, collection, storage, and distribution of the native forage meadows on the range using gravity flow, wheel and pivot water systems. Maintain, collect and store supplemental feed on the range for range livestock. Use equipment such as ATVs, tractors, trucks, trailers, and other equipment related and necessary for the performance of the above duties; may assist with maintenance of the above equipment on the range; may assist with maintenance of facilities that are needed and directly related with the range production of livestock. Lives in mobile units or other housing units principally on the range. The duties described herein (and/or related duties) constitute the production of range livestock and/or are closely and directly related to herding and/or the production of range livestock. Must be willing to work in remote areas, under extreme and unexpected climatic conditions common in SW Wyoming, NW Colorado, and extreme NE Utah.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  6
Special Requirements:
Must be able to ride and handle horses and equipment utilized and necessary in the range production of livestock in a manner to assure safety of the employee, co-workers, horses, dogs, and range livestock. Must be able to find and maintain bearings to assigned work areas on the open range. Employee must be physically able to perform the duties described in this Job Order and must be able to perform the duties reliably. Employee will be directed and controlled by the employer and/or employer-designated representative. However, employees are often required to work alone for periods of time and to perform the required work reliably and properly. Absences from work, failure to perform all required duties described in this Job Order, and any act of misconduct, such as severe or willful damage/injury to livestock, horses, dogs, housing, equipment, or fighting or willful injury to co-worker(s) or any other person will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate dismissal.
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  null null – null null

Employer Information

Company Name:  Vermillion Ranch Limited Partnership
Location:  Rock SpringsWY 82901
Telephone Number:  +13073625054


Address:  609 5th Avenue West Highway 430 South
        Rock Springs, WY 82901
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Job Overview
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