G-5 Ranch

Yampa, CO

Must be able to ride a horse on the range to move the cattle from current grazing areas to new grazing areas to assure sufficient food and to practice good range management. Must repair fences on the range to keep the animals contained and assure their safety. Must have 6 months experience and provide (1) reference from previous employer with knowledge of applicants skills. Must be able to lift 75 pounds. Performs any combination of the following tasks to attend to livestock on a ranch or range. Feeds and waters livestock on range. Herds livestock to range for grazing. Examines animals to detect diseases and injuries. Assist with the vaccination of livestock by herding into corral and/or stall or manually restraining animal on the range. Applies medications to cuts and bruises, sprays livestock with insecticide and herds offspring. Binds or clamps testes or surgically removes testes to castrate livestock. Clips identifying notches or symbols on animal or brands animals using branding iron to indicate ownership. Workers must be willing and able to perform all duties per the employers requirements during the contract period. Workers will on call 24/7. Workers will be on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Majority of total workdays (51%) will be on the range beginning with the first workday after the arrival of the worker at the place of employment or the advertised contractual first date of need, whichever is later, and ending on the expiration date specified in the work contract or departure of worker from USA. Workers will be expected to work in conditions normally associated with Colorado climatic conditions. A signed contract may be required.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  6
Special Requirements:
The employer will provide workers compensation coverage for injury and disease arising out of and in the course of the workers employment and no cost to the worker and will be in effect not later than the beginning date of this job order. The employer will provide at no cost to worker, a cell phone as an effective means of communicating with persons capable of responding to the workers need in case of an emergency. This devise may be used for emergency or business use only. This may be substituted for other means if the conditions warrant. Worker will be directed and controlled by the ranch operator and/or designated foreman. However, workers are often required to work alone for long periods without supervision and to perform the required work reliably and properly. Six months prior experience as a livestock worker and one satisfactory reference is required. The name and address or telephone number of the employer reference that can verify the workers experience
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  null null – null null

Employer Information

Company Name:  G-5 Ranch
Location:  YampaCO 80483
Telephone Number:  +19708467954


Address:  28140 County Road 6D
        Yampa, CO 80483
For H2 Jobs, upload DOL Job Order: job_order-140.pdf
Job Overview
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