Lunderby Livestock

Sidney, MT

H2A Available Jobs

Number of Workers Requested:  6

Full Time:  Yes
Worker will be required to perform a variety of duties related to the production of cattle, corn, alfalfa, and sugar beets. The majority of the work activities during the overall contract period, however, will be related to livestock production. Duties related to the production of livestock will include the following: check physical characteristics, observe general condition of livestock and apply the appropriate care; examine animals to detect illness/injury/disease, rate of weight gain or to determine offspring delivery time; assist in delivery; wean calves; apply or administer medications, vaccines and/or insecticides; mix feed/additives and feed/water livestock; place mineral blocks; drive equipment to haul/distribute feed/water; herd livestock; confine livestock in stalls; dock, castrate, brand, clip/tag and clamp livestock; clean/disinfect livestock stalls/corrals/sheds; maintain records on animals; fill/maintain water troughs; break ice in water troughs; spread straw and bedding; load/haul/spread manure/dirt; level ground and fill holes in animal enclosures; prepare cattle for shipment; assist in shipping cattle; chop/store silage and/or feed; maintain enclosures, fences, feed troughs, etc.; hoist/stack bales of hay onto wagon/truck. General Farm Work will include the following responsibilities: maintain, drive, attach, and operate farm implements/tractors/equipment to till soil, plant, cultivate, fertilize, and harvest crops, move snow and maintain animal enclosures; make minor mechanical adjustments and repairs on farm machinery; may mix and/or spray chemicals (according to appropriate restrictive use laws, when/if applicable); remove undesirable and excess growth from crops or farm grounds; remove rocks from field; paint/repair/maintain farm/livestock structures; replace/repair fencing; perform general cleanup of farm/livestock areas; drive, load/unload trucks; husk/shell/de-tassel corn; operate vehicle, motor bike, or all-terrain vehicle in the course of performing duties; transport crops to market. Irrigation duties will include the following: Hand lines: connect pipes; check alignment of pipe and adjust for proper water distribution; attach lines to water supply; turn on pump; turn valves to start flow of water; disassemble lines and carry pipes across fields at specified intervals; move pipes through freshly irrigated crops and/or plowed fields where mud may be deep at times; lift and carry pipe sections weighing approximately 40 pounds on a sustained basis. Wheel lines: start gasoline engines and operate controls to move lines across fields at specified intervals. Pivots: operate, maintain and repair system.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  No
Special Requirements:  Applicants must have 20 days experience with livestock care and farm/irrigation work.
Number of Hours Per Week:  45
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  6:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Trade Name/Doing Business As:  Lunderby Livestock
Company Name:  Steven Lunderby
Location:  Sidney, MT 59270
Telephone Number:  +14064801424

Worksite Address:

12314 County Road 351, Sidney , MT 59270

Tagged as: H2A Available Jobs

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Job Overview
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