Copperline Farm LLC

Wellington, FL

H2B Available Job

Number of Workers Requested:  2
Provide daily care for International level show jumping horses. Maintain show jumpers in top physical care: brush, poultice, wrap and all general daily care for horses, including but not limited to icing legs after daily work, preparing poultice and applying on an as needed bases, hourly supervision of horses’ legs and knowing if there is post exercise swelling and treating accordingly. Prepare feed daily which includes making sure horses maintain correct weight. Alter feed rations depending on horses’ daily work schedule. Administer daily and weekly supplements. Supervise horses while in turn out paddocks. Exercise horses on lunge line, on an as needed basis. Maintain horses and rider equipment. Prepare all items for horse show, order appropriate travel documents for horses, including updating passport and ordering intra state health certificates. Prepare horses and present them for horse jog/inspection. Coordinate horses’ daily competition time and make sure horse is at competition arena at the appropriate time when they are competing. Procure appropriate warm up obstacle for riders. Make sure horse is ready physically and emotionally to perform at its highest ability.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  3
Special Requirements:  ABILITY TO LIFT 150 LBS WITH ASSISTANCE. Hours may vary based on show schedule and weather conditions.
Number of Hours Per Week:  48
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  7:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Copperline Farm LLC
Location:  Wellington, FL 33449
Telephone Number:  +12039128907

Worksite Address:

5181 Lasso Way, Wellington, FL 33449

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Job Overview
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