No photo description available.King Ranch, Inc. (Norias)

Armstrong, TX

H2A Available Job

Number of Workers Requested:  4
The workers will spend a majority of the workdays (>51%) performing jobs specific to the open range and attending to livestock: herd livestock to pasture for grazing; haul and deliver feed to livestock; check stock water; examine animals to detect diseases and injuries; apply medications and treat cuts and bruises; spray livestock with insecticides; trap and load livestock in water lots; rope, restrain, and load livestock of all ages and sizes into trailers; haul livestock; load/unload livestock feed; assist with repairing fences, water troughs, water lines, feeders, pens, and load outs; and perform individual plant treatment (IPT) spray herbicide on plants that are poisonous or dangerous to the livestock or livestock water facilities and/or production. Minimum of the workday, they will herd livestock to corrals to assist in castration and dehorning of livestock; ID tag, ear notch, and/or brand animals; assists with the vaccination of livestock. The workers will live at a fixed-site housing location, but they do not work in the house and do in fact spend their day on the open range. Therefore, if a herder’s immediate attention is required on the range, the worker would be alerted to it via two-way radio. The housing is irrelevant to the worker’s ability to react and respond to livestock issues or events requiring the workers immediate attention.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  6
Special Requirements:  The employer may conduct a criminal background test, and/or drug test post-employment at the employers expense.

Employer Information

Company Name:  King Ranch, Inc (Norias)
Location:  Kingsville, TX 78363
Telephone Number:  +13615924611

Worksite Address:

3118 S. Highway 77, Armstrong, TX 78338

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Job Overview
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