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H2A Available Jobs

All the tasks in this Job Description constitute one (1) job; the employer may assign workers to different tasks on any day or to multiple tasks during the same day in the sole judgement of the employer. Workers must have the ability to grade and sort onions by size, color and aesthetic appearance. Workers will stand for long hours at grading tables removing onions that are not to the specific grade. Workers may be required to perform work at the packing facility, storage facilities or on the farm that is incidental to packaging the onions, such as performing cleaning and repairing the storage and packing buildings, grounds, sort and move packaging (i.e. cartons, bags, labels, pallets, etc.). Workers may assist in harvesting onions or other crops if needed to insure the product is removed from the fields in a timely manner to avoid loss of crop. Facilitate the loading of product to harvest vehicles in the field. Workers may transport crops and farm equipment between growing sites and to storage. May include operating sanitation equipment and driving between growing sites for servicing. All other duties assigned under this order will be those duties of Graders and Sorters, Agricultural Products, under the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics Standard Occupational Classification Code 45-2041. Specific instructions and close supervision will be provided by the farm owner and/or supervisor designated by the grower. Workers will be expected to perform their duties in a timely and proficient manner and will have close supervision to insure adherence to instructions. Work will be closely monitored and reviewed for quality. Worker may never ride on agricultural equipment not designed for work related riding purposes or any other non-passenger intended equipment unless instructed and authorized by the employer or supervisor to do so. All work related injuries must be immediately reported to the crew leader, foreman, or supervisor. If requested, worker must sign a document weekly to confirm whether or not they have been injured and other work related information. Worker may not engage in horseplay or other disruptive or discourteous behavior at work, in housing or while riding on employer provided transportation. Workers must treat fellow employees and their foremen/supervisor with courtesy and follow their directions/instructions. Workers must comply with attached work rules and other lawful job related work requirements as disclosed. The employer will provide without charge to the worker the tools, supplies and equipment necessary to perform the job duties. The employer will charge the worker for reasonable costs related to the workers refusal or negligent failure to return property of the employer or due to such workers willful damage or destruction of such property. Workers may be required to add empty bags to bagger machines, remove full bags from machines, manually cinch and tie the bags, lift bag to a conveyor belt (approximately 4 to 18 from ground level). Workers may be required to stack full bags of onions (weighing up to 50 lbs.) by removing them from conveyor table and placing them in a specific pattern on a pallet, stacking them from 40 bags to 100 bags per pallets, depending on size. Workers may also be required to work with a boxing machine. This will require the worker to place empty boxes on the machine and then fold close and remove the box from the machine. Worker will then place the full boxes on a pallet, stacking in a particular pattern to a quantity of 42 boxes per pallet. Workers may be required to add empty bags to bagger machines, remove full bags from machines, manually cinch and tie the bags, lift bag to a conveyor belt (approximately 4 to 18 from ground level).

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  1
Special Requirements:  Must have 30 days verifiable experience in hand harvesting, grading and packing onions and some experience in general agricultural labor practices. Employees may be requested only after they are hired to take drug or alcohol tests at Peri & Sons expense and at no cost to the worker in the event of an accident or incident that would warrant testing as recommended by our workers compensation insurance carrier. Failure to comply with the request or testing positive may result in immediate termination.
Number of Hours Per Week:  45
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  6:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Peri & Sons Farms, Inc.
Location:  YeringtonNV 89447
Telephone Number:  +17754639934


Address:  102 McLeod St
       Yerington, NV 89447

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