Lanie Farms, Inc.
Youngsville, LA

General workers needed for sugarcane & soybean farm. Work includes tractor driving, field prep, water maint, fertilizing, plant, harvest of crops. Field prep includes manual shovel work & hoeing of weeds, spot spraying treatments. Help repair & maintain equip, farm, field, levees, roads and shop. Load & unload trucks. Rake or burn shucks to remove residue to allow for regrowth in the following season. Install erosion control structure with equipment for natural conservation service compliance. Must be able to lift and carry 70lbs. All tools furnished. Housing provided. Job involves stooping, lifting and working outside in inclement weather & outdoor temps in excess of 100 degrees. Workers may be required to take random, post accident, and/or upon suspicion drug test, & background check post hire at no cost to worker. Testing positive or failure to comply may result in immediate termination from employment. Must have legal authority to work in the US. Must have 3 mos pos verifiable prior experience in job offered. Gen’l Conditions Applicable to All Crops: Work begins at an assigned time shortly after daylight. Work is performed under various weather conditions. Workers will work and perform repetitive tasks on their feet in bent and stooped positions for long periods of time. Workers will use muscles to lift, push, pull, or carry heavy objects in loading and unloading trucks. All of the tasks in this job description constitute one (1) job; the employer may assign workers to different tasks on any day or to multiple tasks during the same day in the sole judgment of the employer. Workers may be required to perform work on the farm that is incidental to producing the crops such as repairing buildings, maintaining grounds, operate tractor/farm equipment, incidental crop setup when needed, gardening, etc. This is a very demanding and competitive business in which quality specifications must be rigorously adhered to. Sloppy work cannot and will not be tolerated. Seven to eight hours per day is normal. Workers may be offered more than the specified work in a single day. The worker may be requested but not required to work 12-14 hours per day and/or on the Sabbath or Federal holidays depending upon the conditions in the fields, weather, & maturity of the crop. The employer will designate time for lunch & breaks. Worker may be requested to work Saturday & Sunday during peak times & special needs but not req’d. These requirements pertain to both H-2A & US workers. Extreme heat, cold or drought may affect working hours. Employer will offer 40 hrs/wk, weather & crop conditions permitting. Worker will report to work at designated time & place as directed by employer each day. Workers should expect occasional periods of little or no work due to weather, crop, or other conditions beyond the control of the employer. This can occur anytime throughout the season. As a general matter, working hours will be divided between duties related to sugarcane & soybeans depending on the employers needs. Given that the demands of agricultural production are unpredictable & determined by factors to include weather, crop conditions, market demands & seasonal task needs & numerous other factors, it is impossible to predict with any degree of accuracy the percentage of time that will be dedicated to any specific task. In the event the US Department of Labor (DOL) promulgates a new AEWR during the recruitment or work contract period that is lower than the current AEWR at the time of application, the employer will pay the newly established AEWR. If, however, there is an adjustment to the AEWR, the employer will still pay the highest of the adjusted AEWR, prevailing hrly wage or piece rate, the agreed upon collective bargaining wage or the Fed or State min wage.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  3
Special Requirements:
Must able to lift & carry 70lbs. Workers may be required to take random, post accident, and/or upon suspicion drug test, and background check post hire at no cost to worker. Must have legal authority to work in the US. Must have three months positive verifiable prior experience in job offered.
Number of Hours Per Week:  40
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  7:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Lanie Farms, Inc.
Location:  YoungsvilleLA 70592
Telephone Number:  +13375523663


Address:  927 Austin Road
       Youngsville, LA 70592
For H2 Jobs, upload DOL Job Order: job_order-192.pdf
Job Overview
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