Crist Bros Orchards Inc
Walden , NY

H2A Available Jobs

Number of Workers Requested:  20

Pack and sort apples for the fresh and process markets on an hourly basis. The majority of apples to be packed will be grown by Crist Bros. Orchards, Inc. There may be a small percentage of commercial packing. All fruit to be handled with care to avoid damage such as bruising or cuts. Apples are sorted and packed into many different kinds of packages including bags, totes, returnable plastic containers and boxes. Customer quality standards must be met and may vary by customer. Employee will need to learn and follow changing directions for customer specifications by customer, variety and package. Specifications include color, size and the presence of defects such as a blemish or crack. The type of defect will determine the grade of fruit. This will require close communication with supervisors and continual acceptance of their directions. Some work will be at sorting belts sorting apples, other jobs will be placing apples in packages while doing a final quality check. Workers will need to stack pallets of 42 lb boxes up to 7 feet high. Packing apples will require the use of many kinds of automated machinery including baggers, tray fillers and sorting belts. Worker must be attentive to human safety and food safety requirements. Worker must be willing to adjust to changing fruit flow or condition and move around the packing house to where the work is located. Must be able to consistently handle 75 lbs throughout the day. Operate forklift, box maker, automated bagging machine or other packing equipment as instructed. Equipment operation is not a requirement of the job order and will be on an individual basis based on employees skill set and interest. As able and instructed employees may assist in repairs of equipment. Cleaning on a daily and weekly basis to maintain a clean workplace and sanitary packing line. This includes the entire facility such as coolers, restrooms and break areas as well as the packing equipment itself. Workers must follow all food safety rules including but not limited to hygiene and clothing/jewelry requirements, awareness of external factors impacting the product such as but not limited to blood, broken glass, grease, animal excrement and many other items to be discussed at hire. Workers must also follow all government and employer rules related to COVID-19. These may include time periods of isolation with or without work, a shift in housing accommodations, wearing protective equipment and practicing social distancing. While working cell phone usage is limited to emergency use only. Employer may conduct/require random drug or alcohol tests at employers expense once hired. Workers referred as a result of this order must have a minimum of three months verifiable experience in performing the tasks described in this order. Work will be predominately in the packing house. However, as needed workers will assist in outdoor work. Pick apples by hand on a piece rate basis for the fresh market at $1.00 per 1 1/8 bu. Pick apples by hand for second pick on a piece rate basis for the fresh market at $1.50 per 1 1/8 bu. Pick fresh market apples by hand and clip the stem of each apple at $2.00 per 1 1/8 bu. Pick fresh market apples by hand at $2.00 per 1 1/8 bu for clean up picking. Pick apples by hand on an hourly basis for miscellaneous picking. All fruit to be handled with care to avoid bruising. Fruit injured by bruising not to exceed 3%. Use of tools such as stem clippers. All fruit to be handled with care to avoid puncture or other damage by stem clippers. Workers trained and instructed to selectively pick mature fruit according to size, color, and other USDA and market standards. Pick apples by hand for the process market at $0.75 per 1 1/8 bu.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  3
Special Requirements:  The employer will provide 5 days of training to allow workers to pick a minimum of 114 1 1/8 bu boxes of fresh apples per day or 76 1 1/8 bu boxes of second pick per day or 57 1 1/8 bu boxes of fresh apples with stem clipping per day or 57 1 1/8 bu boxes of clean up picking per day with no more than 3% bruising per day. Also 152 1 1/8 bu boxes of process apples per day.
Number of Hours Per Week:  45
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Crist Bros Orchards Inc
Location:  WaldenN Y 12586
Telephone Number:  +18457787424


Address:  65 CRIST LANE
       Walden , NY 12586

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