Pacific Tomato Growers, Ltd

Immokalee, FL

H2A Available Jobs

Number of Workers Requested:  40

Full Time:  Yes
The farm work position includes duties associated farm labor tasks for production of tomatoes. This work can require standing, walking, stooping, bending, and lifting up to 75 pounds along with time outdoors in all weather conditions. It also includes adherence to instruction given in regard to proper procedures & technics based on operation of the machinery to be used to complete each task. -Daily Work-Misc. farm tasks -Plastic Laying/Repair – Ride plastic machine and change out drip tape and plastic roles (weight +/- 100 lbs.) with 2 people.  Shovel dirt on row ends (bury). Ride fertilizer hopper and maintain flow of fertilizer with shovel.  -Mark and Measure – walk fields to mark 100’ intervals with spray paint -Irrigation Hook-up/Installation/Drainage – use shovel to make shallow trench to connect irrigation pipe or redirect water -Planting (Machine)- Load planter with plant trays and ride or walk behind planter to assure plants are at center of hole, proper depth, and no skips. -Replant- Walk along plant bed holding plant tray and replanting weak, dead, or missing plants at proper depth -Stake Repair – carry stakes (+/- 40’) to repair/replace areas with broken stakes, and/or tie broken stake to a new one -Mopping Bed Top- Mopping top of beds -Rouging plants/weeds- removing unwanted plants/weeds -Hand Punch Fertilizer – punch hole in plant bed and apply dry fertilizer with cup -Farm Truck Safety Cutouts- Cutting walk ways within plant beds every 50 feet -Planting (by hand) – Walk along plant bed holding plant tray and assuring that plants are planted at the center of pre punched plant hole at proper depth. Return empty plant trays to truck/trailer. (No empty trays to be left in field) -Watering In Plants- Walking beside plastic bed with water hose applying water to each plant hole, fill/plant any skips with plants provided. -Staking o Combo (Stab & Hammer)-Combination of the Stab & Hammering Tasks. Carry stakes (+/-40) from flatbed truck and stab in plant bed between every plant or marked hole. Ride hammer machine and use air hand hammer to drive every take 14” deep. o FRP- carry FRP Stakes from flatbed truck and stab by hand in plant bed between every plant or hole marked. -Tying – tie plants upright with tie stick and string/twine, looping each stake. -Pruning – walk field and bend-over at each plant, hold plant carefully and remove number of suckers directed by supervisor -Weeding – pull weeds from plant bed and around plant holes. -Plastic/Drip Tape Removal (Pull)- pull plastic and drip tape by hand and place in road way or at 100’ cross walk. -Cutting String- walk field and cut and remove string/twine with a small knife and place where directed by supervisor -Stake Pulling (Machine)- ride stake pull machine to assure stakes bundle evenly and/or walk field to pull stakes by hand and place small bundle at 100’ cross walks to pick-up and load onto flat-bed truck -Stake Pulling (Manual)- A crew of 14 persons will pull stakes by hand.  2 persons will ride on the back of the truck, 12 persons will walk on the ground and pull stakes by hand. Workers will ensure that stakes are pulled, bundled and tied. -Bale Plastic, Drip Tape, & String- walk field and load baler with bundled plastic, drip tape and string by hand -Farm Field Clean Up (PW)- Walk field and remove miscellaneous debris

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  3
Number of Hours Per Week:  36
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  7:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Pacific Tomato Growers, LTD
Location:  Palmetto, FL 34221
Telephone Number:  +12396573695

Worksite Address:

9500 CR 858 Immokalee, Immokalee, FL 34142

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