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HsuHsu Ginseng Farms, LLP

Wausau, WI

H2A Available Job

Number of Workers Requested:  20
Crops/Commodities: Ginseng. Workers will perform all duties and tasks in a safe and positive-results oriented manner. Workers will perform the following duties: Field and soil preparation work including rock picking, vegetation and foliage removal; planting, cultivation, and harvest of ginseng, manually or with power assisted equipment; use hand tools, such as shovels, rakes, forks, trowels, hammers, hoes, tampers, cutting tools, pruning hooks, shears and knives, and electric and battery operated power tools; transplanting; applying pesticides (if qualified); processing, cleaning, packing, barreling and loading of ginseng; construction and maintenance of ginseng shade structures and related components, cleaning and maintaining equipment and farm buildings; operation of farm vehicles, tractors, trucks and forklift (if qualified). Workers must work at a sustained, vigorous pace and make bona fide efforts to work efficiently and consistently that are reasonable under the climatic and other working conditions, considering also the amount, quality and efficiency of work accomplished by their coworkers. Workers with a clean driving record (no major moving violations such as but not limited to Driving While Intoxicated or Reckless Driving) and able to obtain an insurable driver’s license may drive company vehicles between worksites. Workers with appropriate licenses and a valid doctor’s certificate may drive other workers in these company vehicles. The vehicles provided to workers (van, pick-up truck, etc.) are for multi-purpose use on an as-needed basis (e.g., driving workers from employer-provided housing directly to the farm, around the farm properties during the workday, possibly carrying equipment/supplies with them). Workers may operate these vehicles on public roads in order to reach the other locations (no CDL w/ passenger endorsement required). These multi-purpose vehicles may be used on or off-farm by the workers (e.g., drive to the grocery store, bank, etc. at their discretion). Workers are not required or expected to arrange for the routine pick-up of other workers or groups of workers on a regular schedule or planned basis (e.g., at housing locations or centralized pick-up points). Drivers are not required to have CDLs or satisfy other USDOT requirements (e.g., E-logs, weigh stations, etc.). The cargo is being hauled between the employer’s own farm locations, including the employer’s storage/packing facilities. No cargo is being hauled for purposes of making deliveries to customers or any third-party storage/market location. All duties are therefore consistent with the duties outlined in 45-2091 (Agricultural Equipment Operator) and/or 45-2092 (Farmworkers and Laborers). Work is to be done for long periods of time. Workers will assist in loading trucks with product weighing up to and including 60 pounds and lifting to a height of 5 feet for long periods of time. Workers should be able to work on their feet in bent positions for long periods of time. Work requires repetitive movements and extensive walking. Allergies to ragweed, goldenrod, insect spray, related chemicals, etc. may affect workers’ ability to perform the job. Workers are exposed to wet weather early in the morning through the heat of the day, working in fields. Temperatures may range from 10 to 100 F. Workers may be required to work during occasional showers not severe enough to stop field operations. Considerable stooping and kneeling is required. Care must be taken to prevent damaging plants. Employer-paid post-hire drug testing is required after a worker has an accident at work. Persons seeking employment as an experienced farm worker must be available for the entire period requested by the employer. Employer may request, but not require, workers to work more than the stated daily hours and/or on a worker’s Sabbath or federal holidays. Worker must report to work at designated time and place each day.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:  Yes
Months of Experience Required:  3
Special Requirements:  This job requires a minimum of three months of prior experience in commercial field crop production. Workers must be able to perform manual as well as mechanized activities with accuracy and efficiency. Applicants must be able to furnish verbal or written statement establishing relevant prior work experience. Saturday work required. Must be able lift/carry 60 lbs. Employer-paid post-hire drug testing is required after a worker has an accident at work.
Number of Hours Per Week:  40
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  7:00 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Hsu Ginseng Farms, LLP
Location:  Wausau, WI 54403
Telephone Number:  +17155714379

Worksite Address:

Main Building Campus-237430 County Road W, Wausau, WI 54403

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