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Toutle, WA

Number of Workers Requested:  75

Worker will cut noble branches to appropriate size for wreath making from trees grown in forested areas. Branches will be evaluated to ensure they are suitable for wreath making. Care will be taken not to damage cut branches. Worker will use rubber bands, hand pruners, pole cutters and twine. The worker will take these bunches to a receiving location, a semi-truck near the worksite. They will need to be able to perform these duties while wearing rain gear.

Job Requirements

Special Requirements:
1. Must be able to perform all duties within this job description in what can be considered a safe manner adhering to all established safety guidelines, practices and procedures. 2. Must wear all required and assigned personal protective equipment at all times when required to do so. Employee must wear proper clothing and footwear. All footwear must be closed-toe due to safety precautions. 3. The employer or designated employee will provide instructions and general supervision. Employees will be expected to conform to the specific instructions given for each days work. 4. Employees will be required to attend an orientation on workplace rules, policies and safety information. 5. All work sites covered by this clearance order and all facilities of the employer are drug free work places. Employees must not report for work, enter employers property, or perform service while under the influence of or having used illegal controlled substances. Employees must not report for work or perform service while under the influence of or impaired by prescription drugs, medications, alcohol or other substances that may in any way, adversely affect their alertness, coordination, reaction response or safety. 6. No non-employees will be permitted in or adjacent to the work site. In particular, no non-working children may be present at or adjacent to work sites or left in vehicles during the workday. Employees arriving at work with non-working children or other non-employees will be sent home. 7. Employees must have transportation to the work site. 8. Employer reserves the right to conduct for cause, non-discriminatory drug testing at the expense of the employer. Drug test will not be utilized as a pre-employment tool.
Number of Hours Per Week:  40
Work Schedule (Start/End time):  7:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:  Continental Floral LLC
Trade Name/Doing Business As:  Continental Floral Greens
Location:  BelfairWA 98528
Telephone Number:  +13602755345


Address:  14667-14799 Spirit Lake Hwy
        Toutle, WA 98649
Job Overview
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