About the Company

May be an image of crustacean and text that says 'Yankee Canal Seafood, lnc. 985-475-7586'Yankee Canal Seafood, Inc.

Golden Meadow, LA

H2B Available Job

Louisiana Direct Seafood is a marketing initiative administered by LSU Ag Center and Louisiana Sea Grant, with funding by the Louisiana Office of Community Development and the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Council.

Our mission is to help coastal fishermen connect with consumers, and build community support for fresh, wild-caught seafood products.  The benefits of our sea-to-plate concept are two-fold:  fishermen thrive by selling their catch at a fair price, and consumers experience the superior taste and texture of freshly caught seafood.

This initiative is also focused on quality business practices, working with fishermen to deliver a superior, sustainable product that meets rigorous standards and preserves our fisheries for generations to come.

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