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Weakley Family Farms LLC

Clarksville, TN

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Plant tobacco seeds in trays kept in environmentally controlled structure. When seedlings reach appropriate size workers will transplant seedlings to prepared beds.    Care must also be exercised in using tobacco knife, spear, while standing on rails, and stripping the crop. The trained workers will be expected, consistent with production standards required by other employers in the area of employment for the crop activity, to cut and house 50 sticks of tobacco per hour if the sticks are not dropped before cutting begins. If the sticks are dropped before cutting begins the trained worker is expected to cut and house 100 sticks per hour, for manual harvest and 120 for machine-aided harvest for Burley. Dark fire tobacco production standards are 50-60 sticks cut per hour. Workers will take great care when stripping (removing tobacco from the stick) the tobacco. The tobacco is taken down from the barn. The stalks with leaves are removed from the sticks and piled under a piece of plastic to retain moisture (bulking down). Each worker pulls his assigned grade for the stalk and passes the stalk down to fellow workers. When a worker gets a full hand, the tobacco is tied into hands and placed on a strip stick. Hemp: Preparing the ground for Setting, Cutting, Chopping out, Stripping, and housing

Job Classification:  Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop

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