About the Company

Vel-a-da, Inc.

Green Springs, OH

H2A Available Jobs

PICKLES: 1. Walking between rows thinning plants and hoeing out weeds, one row at a time. 2. Vine training, workers straddle the plant row, then move and tuck vines back into the row. 3. Picking- pick one row at a time. Sizes of pickles are: No. 1, 1 1/16 and smaller diameter. No. 2, 1 1/16 to 1 1/2 in diameter. To be picked into a 5/8 BU bucket, between 20 and 30 Lb, Once the bucket is full to level full the worker will turn around and dump it on a self propelled conveyor belt. Once dumped the worker will repeat the process until the daily patch is picked.  PEPPERS Planting: Sit on a seat and put one plant per opening on a carousel planter as it moves up the field. The worker also puts new plant trays on planter racks at each end of field and removes the used trays and puts them back in the plant racks

PICKLE GRADING STATION: Workers would stand at a sorting belt that is moving in front of them and pick out imperfect pickles (cucumbers) and throw into a cull belt. They also might have to put large cardboards boxes together to put cucumbers into.

Company Overview
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