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Bakersfield, CA

Raise  and manage honeybee hives to produce honey.

JOBS: Beekeeper

Some work may include spanning across two calendar days due to the nature of beekeeping. This job requires a minimum of three months (420 hours) of prior experience working on a honeybee farm handling both manual and machine tasks associated with beekeeping. Worker must not be allergic to venomous bee stings and they must be familiar with working bees in all stages, from the egg through fully developed worker-bees, drones, and queen. Must work all aspects of commercial beekeeping, including accessing a colony to determine if it needs food or medicine, feeding and medicating bees, maintaining hives in a healthy state, assemble bee hives/increasing number of hives, raising and replacing queens, making divides, painting and cleaning boxes, supering hives. Raise and manage honeybee hives to produce honey. Force bees from hives, physically lift and move boxes of honeycomb, harvest, uncap harvested honeycomb,and extract honey. Run queen breeding yard and produce queen bees. Manipulate and service hive structures and haul/transport bee hives and apiary equipment to and from different hive locations to ensure healthy and productive honeybee colonies. Prepare bees and bee equipment for pollination. Must respond correctly to bees to harmonize with their natural cycle and keep them in the healthiest state possible for survival and profitability. Must do general maintenance and cleaning of equipment, hive boxes, tools, and facility.

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