Top Notch Farms

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Top Notch Farms

Francesville, IN

H2A Available Jobs

Manure Application tasks such as, driving a tractor to apply manure with a hose or a tank, drive a tractor and maneuver hose such as move hose in the field and also from field to field, repair any hose breaks, run air compressor and blow out manure lines when needed with a clean out ball. Watch manure pump(s) and manure lines (above and below ground) for leaks, etc by driving a truck around to monitor it. Watch frac tank level. Any and all tasks associated with vehicle/tractor/shop maintenance. Power washing any and all equipment. Weld, Grind, Torch, Paint and Fabricate as needed. Fueling up all equipment necessary. Drive/operate all equipment needed for farming purposes. This will includes but isnt limited to vehicle’s, tractors, fuel trucks, ATV, UTV, and semi’s. Willing to work with liquids such as 28% fertilizer, weed killer and insecticide. Help with grain handling such as helping sweep grain bins, loading and dumping trucks, etc. Also other miscellaneous duties assigned.

Job Classification:  Agricultural Equipment Operators

Company Overview
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