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Three G Trucking, Inc.

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A Corn puller will first be taken to designated field ready to be cut and harvested for that day. Once the corn puller is properly ready for work, the corn puller will line up in corn rows designated for him to pull. The worker will then proceed to stand in his or her area and bend over to each corn stalk and snap off ears of corn that are available to pull with his hands. After snapping off ears of corn, he will inspect them and then throw them onto tables that are located on the corn harvesting machine that will be moving behind the corn pullers as they continue to move forward in their designated rows. Everyday there will be different corn orders, there will be days when it will contain certain specifications on what needs to be cut, for example when dealing with first and secondary ears of corn etc depending on what the corn stalks have on them. The worker will be pulling corn, always keeping in mind that he will always have to meet company quality standards. Meeting these standards is a very important part of the job and the corn puller will have three to four days to train for these quality standards and the quantity of work expected from them and any other co-worker doing the same job. A corn pullers should harvests a minimum of 50 boxes of corn per hour in order to be able to move along with the machinery that will be continually advancing behind them; we expect any new corn puller to meet the same minimum within the first 5 days of work.


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