About the Company

T & K Dairy

Snyder, TX

Livestock Worker

 Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, and Aquacultural Animals
Performs any of the following tasks to attend to livestock: Assist with artificial insemination, Inspect pregnant livestock for illness/injury, Treat sick/injured pregnant livestock, Assist with calving, Tend to livestock after calving, Move livestock to appropriate facilities after calving, Inspect calves for illness/injury, Treat sick/injured calves, Provide calves with colostrum, Retrieve feed from storage, Deliver feed to livestock facilities, Give feed to livestock, Check feed equipment, Clean/maintain feed equipment, Place mineral blocks, Inspect water sources/equipment, Break/melt/remove ice from water, Clean/maintain/repair water systems, Deliver water to livestock facilities, Give water to livestock, Inspect livestock for illnesses and injuries, Separate sick livestock from the herd, Move sick/injured livestock to treatment area, Administer medications/injury care, Administer vaccinations, Shovel away snow by hand, Clear snow from facilities, Brand livestock, Castrate livestock, Protect livestock from predators, Inspect pens/stables, Remove dead livestock, Prepare dead livestock for burial, Bury dead livestock, Vaccinate/treat new livestock, Brand new livestock, Clean the receiving area, Maintain livestock equipment, Transport cattle to pastures, Construct windbreaks for livestock, Construct fencing for livestock, Maintain windbreaks/fencing. Drive to town to pick up cattle supplies.
Company Overview
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