About the Company

Welcome to The Farm. For us, the Farm isn’t just where food grows, it’s the place where life happens. Each day, our farm family, including our valued team, does what we have done for five generations. We wake early and face the most important day of our lives, today. We do it by planting new lives and ideas, and by caring for what is growing. Today the farm is different than it was for Great, Great Grandpa James, but somehow it is still the same. With courage and faith we, together, plant seeds and care for the seeds and crops we have planted. As we go about our day, learning and growing from the process of life on the farm, we enjoy the company of our community. Together, we face the challenges of this life we share and create together. Something wonderful grows when we connect our life with others, and to the land. It’s the purposeful connection to what makes us who we are and fulfills our primal human needs. For us, being an active part of nature, not just an observer, holds the key to happiness, gratitude, and belonging. We invite you to come and visit the farm and live, thrive, connect, discover and grow with us through the miracle of everyday life on the land. Today choose a life on the farm.

Company Overview
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