Miller Buffalo Ranch

About the Company

Miller Buffalo Ranch

Lansford, ND

H2A Available Job

Farm Equipment Mechanic

This application is for a farm equipment mechanic and service technician. The tasks requested are only performed during the winter months when crop farming has halted, and the machinery is no longer in use. Performs duties like: Utilize massive, powerful lifting and maneuvering equipment such as overhead cranes to hold, lift, remove, disassemble, reassemble and replace the various equipment systems as specified by the OEM and equipment manufacturers in the equipment maintenance manuals. Inspect and adhere to a rigorous maintenance schedule which includes fuel systems; cooling systems; transmission systems; air filter systems; hydraulic systems; axle systems; differential systems; drive train systems; steering systems; brake systems; air line systems; electrical systems and tires. Winterize equipment that is stored outside to prevent freezing. Apply grease. Weld and replace damaged or bad parts. Drive to town to pick up mechanical supplies.

Company Overview
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